Steve died in Togo, Africa on July 17, 2000. A memorial service was held at Becket’s Chapel By The Lake on August 19, 2000. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. It was very heartwarming to see the Chapel packed to overflowing with so many friends and so much love.

Burnsie played the piano, and also taped the service for us. Only a few knew there would be an opportunity to speak at the service, so the audio links below represent extemporaneous thoughts from those present.

We thank all those who spoke. We’ve listened to the audio tracks listed below often. They make us smile and shed a tear, too.

We received so many kind letters. Some of those that related a memory about Steve are reproduced here. Some are only excerpts. In some, I took the liberty of changing the text slightly to protect the privacy of the writer (I might have replaced a name with “our son”, for example).

[Note: The following audio tracks are ACC-encoded MPEG-4 files. Download the free Quicktime Player, available for both Windows and Mac, here.]

Click on the link to hear the audio link. It may take a while to download, depending on the length of the clip, and the speed of your connection. Be patient. They are worth waiting for. You don't need to click more than once.

    1. Jerry C, CEO Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA
    2. Ted G., A fathers eulogy
    3. Steve T., Introducing the song Puff The Magic Dragon. Unfortunately, the microphone picked up just the piano, none of the singing.
    4. Several of Steve's Montana Family
    5. Noah and the wonderful shark story
    6. Pat H., Steve's mentor at Haystack
    7. Stocky, Family friend and supporter
    8. John G., A nice perspective from Sally's brother.
    9. Chris, One of Steve's campers on how to clean a cabin
    10. Justin W., A Becket contemporary. Moving sand and building a campfire in the rain
    11. Eileen, Co-leader of ICEP Togo 2000
    12. Sharelynn, The mother of one of Steve's Montana friends on the meaning of the word rhetoric
    13. Hans. A Becket contemporary. Swimming across the lake. But what's the real story?
    14. Fred, Steve's Grandfather
    15. Betty, The mother of one of one of Steve's Montana friends. A nice perspective.
    16. Burnsie, The story on living off the land, and a nice perspective from an old friend
    17. Jerry C, CEO Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA. An intercepted radio transmission and Steve's legacy
    18. Steve T., A Becket contemporary. Steve G's outlook on life. Comforting thoughts
    19. Tom A., The father of a good Cheshire friend. An interesting perspective
    20. Sophie, A Chimney Corners contemporary. Her side of Jerry's radio story
    21. Ted G., My closing remarks. What's really important
    22. Halowell. Wonderful music from Becket friends

Concerning Privacy: I have tried to avoid using last names anywhere on this site, to respect the privacy of those in the photos, those who spoke at Steve’s memorial service, and those who wrote some of the wonderful letters we received. I appreciate that the letters we received were private correspondence. I hope you agree that my avoidance of last names,  and the deletion of any identifying text adequately respects your privacy, while allowing us to share the wonderful thoughts expressed.

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