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Location: Ansonia, Ct - Posted May 8, 2020 12:00 pm
Email: billpaupini [at] yahoo [dot] com

Bill Paupini

Ted, sorry to hear about Sally. Sandy and I remember her as a warm, friendly person.

Location: Stockbridge MA - Posted May 7, 2020 11:24 pm
Email: billanddianevogt [at] msn [dot] com

Bill Vogt

Dear Ted,
I was so sorry to hear about Sally. Diane and I will pray for your family at this time of great loss.

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida - Posted May 7, 2020 5:20 pm
Website - Email: Bradst [dot] rick [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

Frederick Bradstreet

So sorry to read about Sally
Thinking of you

Frederick Bradstreet

Location: Riverside, CT - Posted August 3, 2013 8:34 pm
Email: acondon1970 [at] yahoo [dot] com


Life can be so mysterious. My son is spending his second summer at Becket right now and is suffering from severe homesickness which has caused my husband and I to at times question whether we are right to keep him there . . . Is the experience worth the struggle? Then one link led to another and some how I found this site and read about your precious son and felt tears rolling off my face as I read the beautiful letters you received upon his death. Steve sounds so incredibly special and I have no doubt your pride continues for the man he grew into and the lives he touched. Well please add me to the long list as reading about Steve and what Becket meant to him and what Steve's legacy continues to mean to Becket leaves me moved . . . Touched by his life and continuing spirit. And now I find a peace in allowing my son to find his way at Becket. If he grows to be anything like Steve I will be so proud. Thank you for sharing your son through this site. My best, a Becket Mom

Location: Whitingham,VT - Posted January 11, 2012 3:55 pm
Email: BBINC126 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Keith Bronson

Nice site. Our lives move on but we never forget those we sort of left behind.Fond memories of the A-frame,Haystack,Charlestown,RI. You can't buy a memory.

Location: ct - Posted August 19, 2011 5:11 pm
Email: luke860 [at] hotmail [dot] com


I did not know Steve from Becket, but I grew up with him in Cheshire, CT. What a great person...Every year from 3rd grade on, we would arm wrestle and we were about even until halfway through high school, he was just too strong for me. He was the nicest, coolest, happiest person I knew growing up. He ever judged anyone, was always righteous. One day at lunch he was drinking a cheap little school apple juice and sat next to me and said "mmmm...its all about the simple pleasures in life, man." I was envious of his otherwordly composure and still am.

Location: Branford - Posted June 15, 2011 12:04 am
Email: Robinthomson143 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Robin Thomson

What a wonderful legacy your son has left. I dropped my own son off for his first camp experience and I couldn't help but be drawn to you and your boys. Seeing your photos made me both laugh and cry. Your sons remind me so much of my two boys and the great fun we had while they grew. You are an extraordinary family. Noel and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. Love you both

Location: Cleveland, OH - Posted May 18, 2010 8:27 pm
Email: dhp4 [at] cwru [dot] edu

David Peck

Hello, I was looking into sending my two boys to Becket next summer and came across your site. I have never met you or your son, but we have a common ancestry in the form of Camp Becket, and I am sorry for all our loss in your son's death. He seemed--by going through your heartfelt website--that Steven embodied the greatest traditions that Becket hopes to foster in young men. It was a pleasure to experience your memories as they remind me so much of my own experience at Becket. I hope to be able to get my boys there next summer.

All my best, David Peck

Location: Fort Lauderdale - Posted December 22, 2009 3:41 am
Email: hglaser [at] tnsc [dot] net

Howard Glaser

Hi Sally and Ted.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve and I appreciate the documented celebration of your family. I did have the privilege of meeting you both on visitis to BI. The short memories and few times will be in my memories forever.
Fair winds-calm tides and peace.
Howard Glaser

Location: Hardwick, New Jersey - Posted February 21, 2009 12:40 pm
Email: dave [at] campmason [dot] org

Dave DeLuca

Ted & Sally,

Just happened to stop by this site this morning. It brought back so many vivid memories of Steve. The effect that Steve had - and continues to have -on those who knew him is simply incredible. He was so highly-respected by his peers on the Becket staff for his quiet confidence and compassion. No counselor I've ever worked with cared more about his campers.

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